Experience Amplify in VR and immerse yourself fully in our musical world.

Amplify 360

Experience Amplify 360 from the comfort of your living-room with our new app.

What ties this show all together, is the opportunity to explore Indigenous ideas and world views bound by a shared ancestral history. We decided to push the exploration further and explore those ideas using modern technology. Our 360 app is the result of this experiment in story telling.

Our VR expert Nyla innuksuk from Mixtape VR created a couple of 360 videos for the show in 2019. Tyson Lupul our full stack developper build a TV set application to preview them in your browser. We hope you enjoy using this app as much as we did putting it together!

VR Crew and APP:
  • Executive Producer: Nyla Innuksuk
  • VR Development: Mixtape VR
  • Producer: Jeremy Edwardes
  • Director: Nyla Inuksuk
  • Sound: Scott Brachmayer
  • DP: Ann Tiper
  • App development: Tyson Lupul
  • Front-end development: Easthood studio

The Project

  • woman dancing
  • 360 image of the dance round and the planet

Our AmplifyTV APP is based on the idea and symbolic significance of the circle in indigenous culture. The symbol repeats itself through the subject of the videos, the dance circle, through the medium itself, 360 videos, and finally through the display, the rounded vintage TV set that echos the TV set in the final episode. In this experiement we put you, the audience, in control of the viewing experience. You can now participate in a new kind of story-telling that transcends media and time.

You can pan around the Music video by clicking and dragging on desktop, or panning on mobile. Feel free to turn on or off the sound or change the channels to watch a different 360 video. We hope you enjoy this experience!

  • Mixtape VR

    Mixtape VR is a new Media company which produces VR and AR content. Company owner Nyla Innuksuk was featured in the widely distributed Vice Motherboard article, “How an Inuit Filmmaker Is Using Virtual Reality to Tell Her Culture's Stories”, for her use of VR as a tool to break free from stereotypes. Mixtape VR has produced VR content for artists including Glenn Gould, Kent Monkman, Tanya Tagaq and A Tribe Called Red. After starting Mixtape VR in 2018, Nyla Innuksuk became the first artist to be awarded the imagineNATIVE Indigenous VR/AR Residency, where she worked with A Tribe Called Red on their Indian City 360 VR experience as part of the Canada 150 SESQUI project. She regularly consults with Marvel, has co-created its first Indigenous character, Showguard, and has recently directed her first feature, Slash/Back.

  • Nyla Innuksuk

    Nyla Innuksuk is the founder of Mixtape VR. A writer for Marvel Comics, Innuksuk co-created the character of Snowguard, a teenage superhero from Pangnirtung, Nunavut. Most recently Nyla wrote and directed her first feature film titled Slash/Back, an alien invasion horror about a group of teen girls from the Arctic. In 2019 Innuksuk was named one of the top 5 To Watch by Playback Magazine.

    Her recent VR project with A Tribe Called Red, DocX: A Tribe Called Red: Indian City 360°, is an immersive virtual reality piece that allows the audience to become a DJ and mix their own track to the experience. Innuksuk was the imagineNATIVE AR/VR Artist in Residence 2018 and is a member of the board of directors of the Glenn Gould Foundation.

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